Roof Cleaning

Is your roof dirty or old-looking? If yes, then replacing it is not the only option to restore the aesthetics of your house. A better & affordable solution than roof replacement is Pressure Washing It.

Be it tiles, shingles, or any other kind of roof, it will go through wear & tear with time. If proper maintenance is not ensured, the roof would look mucky & old, and will reduce the aesthetic beauty of your home.

The technique of the pressure washing roof varies according to the type of the roof too. Don’t worry! With years of experience in this field, we believe we have the right expertise to elongate your roof’s life span than usual and maintain its aesthetics as well.

Do We Clean Every Type Of Roof? Our expert servicemen are always ready to pressure wash any kind of roof be it shingles, tiles, flat roofs, etc. But still there are certain roofs that don’t allow us to pressure wash them.

 Before getting on with the pressure washing, we first ensure that the roof is not leaking. As cleaning a leaky roof with pressure washing may do more harm than good.

What Is Our Process? The strategy is entirely different for washing the tile roof and the flat roof. The tiled roof is not completely flat, and this calls for expert cleaning and analysis is also required to understand how much pressure should be applied.

However, flat roofs are susceptible to accumulate puddles even with two days of rains which is why we stay careful. With our expert pressure washing service, we do not allow the water to sit & wash away dirt, debris & build-up from your roofs.

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